Here are some Commands that you can use in our Twitch Chat.

Visitor Commands - You don't need to follow us on Twitch to use it

!hug @username (Give User with name XXX a hug)

!weihnachten or !christmas (How many days till Christmas)

!lurk (You marked as lurk / away from keyboard)

Follower Commands - You need to follow us on Twitch to use it

!party (Send some Party Emotes to Chat)

!love @username (How much love between you and User XXX)

!lastseen / !lastseen @username (Date you or Username XXX was last seen and active in Chat)

!stream (Shows Stream Title, Categorie,Viewers)

!ficken @username (Shows how much % you want to ... Username XXX)

!ernst ("Ohne Ernst, das ist nicht akzeptabel!")

!geil @username (How much horny in % at Username XXX)

!blau / !betrunken (How much % drunk you are)

!müde (Der Stream wünscht dir eine Gute Nacht!)

!throw ("da wird ja mehr geworfen als bei den Bundesjugendspielen!! Kappa")

!chatstats (Chat Statistics)

!watchtime (How long you watched our Channel)

VIP/Subscriber Commands

!putzfrau (Who is Cleaning the Chatroom ?)

!kappagen / !kappagen emote xtimes (Emote Explosion or specific number of emotes)

!bingo (Start Emote Bingo)

!dead ($(count)x Dead Kappa)

!dance (RareParrot RareParrot RareParrot)

!cool (YourUsername ist unverschämt cool.

!lost (Lost Gif + Sound on Stream)

!drogen (Drogen Gabber Gif + Sound on Stream)